Why I Became a Mason / What Freemasonry Means to Me

Brothers offer their personal views here for the contemplation of others who may consider Freemasonry for themselves.

“I became a Mason by pure curiosity. At the time the novel “The Davinci  code” had been published and after reading it I decided that I really needed to find out for myself what Free Masonry was all about.”
Brother Philippe Dewailly, Worshipful Master, Hill City Lodge #456

“I had enormous admiration for my father who was a Mason.  It was not until his last few years that I realized the very real connection between my view of him and his being a Mason.  About the same time, I was realizing that I had no sense of relationship or belonging that was about those same principles and characteristics (e.g. being a good man) so I considered becoming a Mason to fulfill that need in me to become a better man. More than once a week now, I see, in one more little way, that how I genuinely live my life can help other people.”
Brother Don Jarrell, Senior Deacon, Hill City Lodge #456