Charity Committee Is Formed

The Worshipful Master, Philippe Dewaily, has formed a Charity Committee for the upcoming Holiday Season. The committee chairmen are Jason White and Luke Michels. The first planning meeting of the committee was held on Saturday, September 6. The committee voted to have a toy drive for the benefit of “Toys for Tots” and to raise donations by selling the 1st Annual Hill City Lodge Christmas Tree ornament. Pictured here is a draft of the ornament.

The committee chairmen welcome those of you who want to participate in this wonderful adventure. There is a lot of work to do and a lot of happiness to bestow. Do your part and assist the lodge in making this a successful charity drive. Contact the lodge secretary or a Past Master to find out how to get involved.

The Collection Box decorating session will be on September 23, Tuesday, at the Lodge. Please plan to attend this event. The committee will be producing collection boxes for the toys that are being donated to our cause. The Committee needs the following donations of materials: Old Christmas wrapping paper; box tape, old Christmas package ribbon. If you have any of these materials laying around that you can donate, please bring them by the lodge.