Announcing Leader-Officer Development Training

It is essential that Officers serving the Lodge be, or become, leaders, so it is inherent in the Lodge’s duty to see that every Mason serving as a Leader-Officer, or who wants to serve as an Officer, has every resource, opportunity and assistance to excel with confidence in those positions.  Your principal officers are putting together a Lodge Leader-Officer Development Training program to inspire, enable and support the Officers, in the course of each Masonic year, to collectively make the Lodge better, stronger, bigger, and more appreciated by its members and in its community than it was at the beginning of their year.

The Worshipful Master has announced that all current officers are to participate.  Any other Brothers interested in serving as a Leader-Officer in the future, or in helping to organize and delivery this training or serve as a mentor, are invited to contact the Junior Warden at or (512) 289-3986 participate

It is the sincere intention of your Worshipful Master and Wardens that this undertaking will enrich the Lodge while encouraging and preparing our Brothers to serve in the line of officers now and in the future.

Read more about this program here.